Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 4 Free Maintenance Upgrade Release

A free maintenance update for Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 4 has been released. Although primarily a release to fix a number of outstanding issues it also includes a new activity and a couple of new features:

A new sentence activity, Stripped Sentences, has been added that has options to remove spacing, punctuation, and capitalization. The sentences can also be reversed.

New font and color dialogs were added.

Also added was a new option for the Punctuation activity that will remove spaces in the text, an alphabet and script for the Bulgarian language, and an improved interface. Resolved issues include improved text wrapping.

Product edition naming has also been changed to more clearly differentiate between the evaluation edition, now the Limited Edition, and the full paid edition, now the Professional Edition.

If you already own Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 4, you can download this free maintenance release by logging into your Customer Care Account. Once you are logged in, select My Downloads (not Downloads at the top of the website, but My Downloads in the account area) to download the Professional Edition of Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 4, build This newer build will automatically overwrite any older build of version 4.

If you want to try the free Limited Edition of Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 4, it can be downloaded from the Download page on our website. The Limited edition includes eight free activities including Word Search, Scrambled Sentences, and Punctuation. The newer build will automatically overwrite any older build of version 4.

And, finally, we also wanted to let you know that Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 5 is on the way. The biggest change in Vocabulary 5 is the move to a document style format which means that multiple types of worksheet activities can be combined in a single multi-page document. It will be basically the same as the document formatting in Math Resource Studio 5.

Thanks for your continued interest in our software!

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